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Accelerating Your Success...
GPS for executives navigating change. # #

Adapt swiftly to immediate challenges, while positioning for future growth.

Envision a clear compelling future, efficiently assess the current reality, and analyze the distance in-between. Realize desired outcomes more quickly using our customizable process and defined roadmap.

ClearPath Alliance provides a flexible, collaborative approach for clarifying, defining, and executing Corporate and Business Unit strategy. Our holistic methodology is based on a simple, yet very powerful, Balanced Framework for Growth model. Our experience is that a winning strategy is one informed by growth, driven by performance, and flawlessly executed.

Based on your unique situation, we will deliver exactly what is needed to maximize your time and drive measurable results. Key steps include:

  • Assessing: market-research, operations analysis
  • Formulating/Refining: business plan, operating model
  • Aligning: phased execution plan, pro-forma financials, forecasts
  • Deploying: change management, communication, key measures
We will provide you with options for action, and recommendations to position you and your business for future success.

Value to your organization would include the following:

  • Align the leadership team and key stakeholders
  • Enable top-line revenue growth with minimal disruption
  • Manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Make in-year financial plan and identify productivity saves
  • Identify critical market disruptions, your response, and contingencies
  • Foster cross-functional teamwork and synergies across silos

To learn more about how we approach strategic direction, click on our PDF article Planning an Image Strategy or read about our Client Impact. And, if you are ready for an initial consultation, please contact us today.

“Jeff helped increase employees' accountability for the quality of their products. I would highly recommend Jeff's services in helping to transform a company's quality culture.”
Kristen G.
Director Medical Device Quality Systems & Validation
Quintiles Consulting

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