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Bringing Clarity of Action During Times of Change.
GPS for executives navigating change. # #

Capture Opportunities while Improving Productivity and Profitability

ClearPath Alliance provides experienced strategic and management consulting to Fortune 500 corporations and high growth companies to improve organization performance, operational effectiveness, and financials. Think of us as your GPS for navigating organizational change!

We often work with C-level and VP-level executives, and business unit leaders - within the corporate culture...to navigate it, or change it. We're known for working with people across the organization - from Operations, IT, R&D, to the front line. We have enabled our clients to:

  • Increase market share and expand into new markets
  • Add profitable new products, services and features
  • Improve alignment between sales, product groups, and sales operations

  • Unite the leadership team around clear priorities and shared stretch goals
  • Enable business transformation, employee readiness, and proactively manage operational risk
  • Develop enterprise-capable leaders, retain key talent, and enhance career opportunities

  • Implement integrated actions which close gaps, manage risk, and accelerate positive change
  • Evaluate new business opportunities and develop action plans
  • Develop fresh ideas and tactics to drive revenue growth and manage expenses

Our consulting and coaching is always focused, relevant, and tailored to your needs.

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“Jeff has high energy and excellent listening skills. Each stakeholder felt heard and acknowledged. Jeff was able to create buy-in for vision statement.”
Tish B.
Assistant General Manager
San Elijo Joint Power Authority

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