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Accelerating Your Success...
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Build a talent pipeline, and leadership bench, that can deliver high levels of performance - today and into the future.

Accelerate the development and implementation of a practical succession strategy that is simple, time-efficient, and enables business results using our customizable process and defined roadmap.

ClearPath Alliance provides a flexible, phased approach for joining strategy, talent needs, and leadership development to ensure a pool of qualified Ready-Now leaders for your business critical roles.

We use a sustainable methodology based on our simple, yet very powerful, Succession Management Process model. Our experience is that effective succession management occurs when senior leadership sees how it will enable their goals, is simple for managers to use, and gets discussed as a key element of quarterly business reviews with the CEO.

Based on your unique situation, we will deliver exactly what is needed to maximize your time and drive measurable results.These Key Steps include:

  • Business & People Plans: strategy, human capital requirements
  • Talent Needs & Assessments: organization strengths, gaps, actions
  • Talent Calibration: cross-functional review, commitments, development plans
  • CEO & Executive Review: High Potentials, diversity, blockers, critical actions
  • Quarterly Reviews: progress/feedback, individual performance, comp decisions, fill critical positions

We will provide you with options for action, and recommendations to position you and your business for future success.

Value to your organization may include the following:

  • Align the leadership team and the board
  • Better prepare individual leaders to execute business strategy
  • Retain organizational knowledge and ensure business continuity
  • Ensure a qualified incumbent in each key leadership position
  • Identify and develop your leaders of tomorrow today
  • Common tools, language, metrics to identify and develop talent

To learn more about how we approach succession management, click on our PDF article Prepare for Sudden Departures, or read about our Client Impact. And, if you are ready for an initial consultation, please contact us today.

“Jeff worked with our senior leadership team. His thorough preparations ensured success and his counsel afterwards was great!”
Joe M.
President & CEO

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