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"Jeff is TOP-NOTCH, business focused and practical. He has a great way of sizing up situations with clients and providing solutions they can implement. Jeff can tackle just about any OD/LD challenge!"
   Jim S.
   SVP Staffing, Learning, & Leadership Development
   Bank of America

"Jeff is an incredible talent in the Organizational and Leadership Development space. His knowledge, creativity and flexibility enable him to quickly assess and adapt to unique situations and plan the right approach for amazing results! I have had the opportunity to work with Jeff on multiple occasions and highly recommend him!"
   Cindy P.
   SVP, Business Executive - Technology, Enterprise Image Technology & Operations
   Bank of America

"Jeff quickly assesses his client environment and then works hard to seek org buy-in as he constructs practical, credible solutions. Additionally, I met members of Jeff's previous HR leadership team, where he was highly regarded."
   Wally K.
   VP Human Resources
   Cardinal Health

"Jeff is an excellent partner to work with on organizational transformation initiatives. He can quickly assess what needs to be done, engage the senior leadership team, and execute a practical action plan that enables desired outcomes. We valued Jeff's insightful thinking, ability to help reduce stakeholder and organizational swirl, and dedicated focus on our efforts to "transform while performing." He enabled the leadership team to define a shared future vision, and engage our associates in owning and implementing the change process. I highly recommend Jeff and his organization effectiveness expertise to anyone considering a major change within their business."
   Lori C.
   VP HR, Enterprise Technology Group
   Fiserv, Inc.

"Jeff provides executive leadership in the assessment, development, and deployment of Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategies. He has a focused ability to drive effective change through an organization, at all levels, making the complex task of operationalizing innovation an obtainable goal. He leverages his deep knowledge of OCM, organizational design, effective communication, and enterprise performance metrics into a cohesive approach to guide change through an organization. Jeff remains my 'go to' resource for expertise on developing an organizations change management strategy."
   Joe G.
   Partner & E-PMO Leader
   Innovature Partners

"Jeff brings exceptional work experience and educational credentials to any engagement. His prior internal roles with large multi-nationals have also provided him with the business understanding and empathy required to offer practical, impactful advice to clients. Jeff uses his background in change management to ensure any intervention, personal or organizational, is measurable and sustainable. Finally Jeff is personable, constantly curious, and a clear and interesting communicator in the written and spoken word. He is a conscientious collaborator and I recommend him without reservation."
   Bruce G.
   Organization Systems International

"Jeff provided and implemented a detailed organizational effectiveness plan that helped increase the employees' understanding and acceptance of their own responsibility and accountability for the quality of their products. I would highly recommend Jeff's services in helping to transform a company's quality culture."
   Kristen G.
   Director Medical Device Quality Systems & Validation
   Quintiles Consulting

"The launch of our new Information Technology brand would not have been possible without Jeff's help. His creativity and enthusiasm were an integral part to the success. Jeff's advice and direction was invaluable. It's always refreshing to uncover such unbridled commitment and dedication to quality, especially when the end product is for our employees. Thank you."
   Roger B.
   SVP & CIO

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“Jeff is terrific at getting the senior team and managers on the same page, herding the cats, and delivering results. His feedback and advice enabled us to accelerate progress and pinpoint next steps.”
Brian C.
VP HR for Global IT
Life Technologies, Inc.

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