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Bringing Clarity of Action During Times of Change.
GPS for executives navigating change. # #

Envision success and solving your top priority issues. Below are examples of the superior results we have helped our clients to achieve.

Executive Team Performance:
• Enhanced individual action plans and achieved desired outcomes, including incremental $9M net income by coaching 5 High-Potential Business Unit senior leaders on change and stakeholder management strategies.

Strategy Execution:
• Developed / facilitated strategy process for Fortune 25 financial services company, $1.2B national Operations business unit, resulting in actionable $200M strategy with CEO / stakeholder buy-in and realistic phased action plan in a record 4 months.

Strategic Change:
• Implemented large-scale organizational transformation process for $350M IT company (1.1K associates); created forward-leaning change action plan to improve quality, boost leadership capabilities, and attain cost reduction commitments.
• Evolved and elevated organizational change management (OCM) capabilities for a $4B insurance company via shared enterprise approach, robust OCM tool kit, and action plan for $40M enterprise initiative.

Culture Change:
• Created culture change strategies and tactics to institutionalize Quality with 2.2K employees at $2.6B medical device manufacturer under Food & Drug Administration (FDA) consent decree on $200M product line ensuring regulatory compliance, patient safety, and a competitive advantage.

Hybrid Workforces:
• Led Talent & Culture workstream for game-changing, enterprise-wide post pandemic hybrid workforce initiative, impacting productivity, engagement, and retention of 120K+ U.S. / Canada employees.
• Consulted on foundational HR, Facilities, and Technology change solutions to support new employee role types, upskilling frontline managers and shifting organization culture to retain key technical talent via positive employee experience for 120K+ U.S. / Canada workforce.
• Imparted change management thought leadership, approaches, and tools to two $16B+ Strategic Business Units ensuring higher quality HR / OE solutions and better alignment for a more consistent employee experience.

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“Jeff is excellent with organizational transformation! He enabled the leadership team to define a shared future vision, and engage our associates in owning and implementing the change process.”
Lori C.
VP HR, Enterprise Technology Group
Fiserv, Inc.

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