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Envision success and solving your top priority issues. Below are examples of the superior results we have helped our clients to achieve.
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Sustainable Change:
  • Developed and executed a six month culture change effort and phased approach for a $2.6 Billion medical device manufacturer with 2,200 employees - resulted in long-term strategies and short-term tactics for building and sustaining a quality-committed culture to ensure regulatory compliance, patient safety, and a competitive advantage.

  • Designed and implemented a nine month business transformation effort for a $110 Million Information Technology organization with 700 employees - resulted in the development of a new division brand, organization structure aligned with business partner's strategy, and $5 Million operational savings.

  • Conducted an organization assessment for a cross-division business and technology governance council comprised of 12 vice presidents - resulted in the development and implementation of a redesigned project prioritization process for $40 Million annual capital budget and enhanced project risk mitigation.

  • Facilitated the formation of a cross-division advisory team comprised of 16 executive stakeholders - resulted in $250,000 annual savings through strategy alignment, operational efficiencies, and cost avoidance from effort duplication.

  • Developed and enhanced the internal OCM (organizational change management) capabilities and competencies for a $4 Billion insurance company - resulted in: a shared enterprise OCM approach, role/responsibility clarity across departments, a robust OCM tool kit, and creating the OCM action plan for their largest enterprise initiative to manage and minimize operational risk to the business.

Strategic Direction:

Succession Management:

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“Jeff worked with our senior leadership team. His thorough preparations ensured success and his counsel afterwards was great!”
Joe M.
President & CEO

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